Bio Bidet A8 VS 6800U

Bio Bidet A8 VS 6800/6800U: 5 Deal Breakers U Need To Know

Bidet is an integral part of my bathroom.

Switching from rolls of toilet paper to one water-based cleaning system changed my toilet routine for the better.

And now I recommend all my friends and family to make this swap.

But a problem I faced while buying a bidet was picking the right one.

And I know this is something a lot of people struggle with.

There are just so many options out there, and most of them have their pros and cons.

In this article, I will be focusing on two bidets currently trendy in the market – the Bio Bidet A8 and 6800.

Nozzle MaterialStainless SteelPlastic
Nozzle TypeDaul NozzleSingle 2-in-1 Nozzle
Nozzle Oscillation
(Back-and-Forth Spraying)
Automatic Nozzle CleaningAbsentPresent
Nozzle PulseAbsentPresent
Adjustable Nozzle PositionsYes (5 positions)Yes (5 positions)
Water Heater TypeHybrid TypeTank Type
Water Flow Rate0.7 L/min or ~0.18 gal/min0.9 L/min or ~0.24 gal/min
Adjustable AerationPresentPresent
Check PriceBuy-on-Amazon1BuyonAmazon2

Bio Bidet A8

Among the hundreds of bidet options available in the market, the Bio Bidet A8 is considered to be a fancy product by most users.

Bio Bidet A8
Bio Bidet A8

It is priced at a higher range, justified by the manufacturer for the loads of features it offers.

These include a good quality water heating facility, wireless remote control, and sturdy stainless steel equipment.

Whether they are worth paying the extravagant price comes down to your requirements.

Personally, I find it is far too expensive for what it provides. But this will not be a fair judgment, at least not until you learn about the 6800 model.

Bio Bidet 6800

Bio Bidet has other models which are priced at a lower range in comparison to the A8.

Among these, the 6800 is pretty well-known.

Bio Bidet 6800
Bio Bidet 6800

Popularised primarily for its special enema mode and efficient self-cleaning nozzle, this bidet is a favorite among users.

However, it lacks user presets as well as a nightlight.

And that makes it lose a few points against the A8 model.

However, only a thorough comparison can help you decide which one is right for your toilet?

A8 Vs 6800: Detailed Comparision

As I mentioned in the previous section, it is necessary to pinpoint the similarities and dissimilarities between A8 and 6800 before making the choice.

Below I have listed all of them. So, read along to find out.

Specs/FeaturesDeal BreakersVerdict
PriceThe A8 is 200$ more expensive than USPA 6800U. The A8 is a higher-tier bidet, but not enough to justify the price differenceIf your budget is limited, you should go the 6800U.
NozzleThe USPA 6800U comes with dual plastic nozzles while the A8 comes with a single stainless-steel wand. A stainless steel nozzle makes your bidet more desirable and premium.If you want the feel the top class experience of using a bidet, then BB A8 is for you.
Enema modeThe 6800U comes with enema mode or high-pressure wash mode but the A8 doesn’t.If you are a constipation patient, then go with the 6800U. Its IPP setting(enema mode) can help relieve constipation.
Self-cleaning nozzle modeThe nozzles on the 6800/6800U automatically clean themselves before and after each use, taking the responsibility off of the user. You can also clean the nozzle on demand whenever you want.


But that’s not the case with A8. It has on-demand nozzle cleaning functionality only. The nozzle will only get clean when you press the button for nozzle cleaning.

The 6800U is better at nozzle hygiene compared to A8.
Water HeatingThe  A8 has a hybrid water heater while the 6800U comes with a tank or reservoir-type water heater.


A Tank-type heater runs out of warm water once the tank empties (after about a minute of spraying). They’re also the least efficient and thus use the most energy.

Tankless heaters are instantaneous, so they provide endless warm water. They also use the least amount of energy.

Hybrid heaters use both heated reservoirs and instantaneous heating technology to provide a prolonged warm water supply, but one that eventually runs out.

So the water heating system in the A8 is much better than the one on the 6800U. Also, the warm water lasts longer on A8.

If you live in an extremely cold place, go with the A8. Your bum will thank you for that πŸ™‚

Pros of A8 Vs 6800: Detailed Comparision

When it comes to bidets, Bio Bidet is a brand that offers the best features in almost all of its products.

But, of course, some features and design elements of one are better than the other.

Here I will compare the benefits of both A8 and 6800 models.

Considering these will help you figure out which one matches your requirements.

● The A8 is known in the industry to have a superior water heater, keeping the flow warm for extended periods of time. That is because they come with an advanced hybrid type heater, which is the most efficient.

● The A8 also comes with a single two-in-one nozzle, ideal for both front and rear washing.

While this does not make much difference in comparison to dual nozzles in my book, some people are pretty particular about it.

In the context of nozzles, I think it is worth mentioning that the A8 has a stainless steel one.

And that means it will be much more durable in comparison to the plastic nozzles of other models.

● In addition, the A8 comes with a bowl light and nightlight, which I think is a pretty nice touch.
While the Bio Bidet A8 has its benefits, so does the 6800.

● The 6800’s most attractive feature is the special enema mode it comes with.

Thus, anyone suffering from constipation and related problems can benefit from this feature.

Essentially, it operates in a turbo high-pressure setting. So, even if you have no gut problems but prefer a strong spray of water, you can benefit from it.

● Another advantage of using the 6800 is that its nozzles are self-cleaning.

That means before and after every use, you will get a freshly cleaned nozzle. So, you will not have to put any effort into worrying about sanitation.

Cons of A8 Vs 6800

Now that you know about all the advantages of using either of the two bidets, it is time to figure out what their disadvantages are.

Despite their similarities, there are certain aspects where they differ.

And that is where I can nitpick the demerits of using one Bio Bidet model over the other.

● The Bio Bidet A8 is a luxury bidet, but it has its problems.

For instance, it does not come with an enema mode. So, if you are switching from toilet paper to bidets for relief during constipation, you might not be happy.

● That model also lacks a self-cleaning nozzle. And this can be pretty problematic since it is made from steel. Besides, there is always a hygiene-related concern.

● Above all these, however, comes the price.

The A8 is a pretty expensive bidet, but its features may not live up to the expectations of users like you and me.
When you compare the cons of 6800 with the A8, the following things should be noted.

● The water heater in your bidets can be a make-or-break deal.

While there are not many complaints to make about the 6800, its tank-type heater is pretty inefficient.

So, the water will run out after one cycle, which is pretty inconvenient if you need more to get yourself thoroughly cleaned. In my experience, the bidet can spray for around a minute before it ceases to work.

● Besides, this model has a dual nozzle which can be pretty inconvenient to clean up.

Personally, I would prefer a single 2-in-1 nozzle over it.

But it really is not that big of a deal. But what matters to me is the material of the nozzle, which in the case of the 6800 is plastic.

No matter how high-quality the plastic is, it is much less sturdy compared to its stainless steel counterparts.

● Another thing to mention here is the lack of user customisability in the case of the 6800. So, if you like your bidet to be catered to your specific needs, you will be disappointed.

● The lack of nightlight in this model can also be an inconvenience, especially when you have to use it at night.

Which Bidet Is Best For You

Toilets are pretty personalized places. So, what fits my needs might not match yours.

Thus, it is necessary to compare and contrast every feature or specification of the bidets you are interested in.

The details about the Bio Bidet A8 and 6800, and their pros and cons are mentioned above.

Now it is time for you to decide. For instance, if you or your loved ones are suffering from constipation and seeking relief, the 6800 would be an obvious choice.

But if you like to take your time cleaning yourself with warm water, the A8 should work better.

When it comes to nozzles, both A8 and 6800 have their upsides and downsides.

If you want a steel single two-in-one nozzle and are willing to sacrifice the self-cleaning function, opt for the former.

But if you are fine with a dual plastic nozzle that cleans itself efficiently, the latter is the better choice.


Bidets are modern bathroom gadgets that can make your life easier. Aside from convenience and hygiene reasons, many prefer them for health benefits.

Of course, everyone has different outcomes they expect from their bidets.

But which one you use all comes to the specifications of your options.

In fact, I did the same for my toilet. And this is true for Bio Bidets A8 and 6800.

So, any considerations you take have to be carefully thought out.