How To Use A Bidet As A Woman

How To Use A Bidet As A Woman: 3 Important Tips

When it comes to bathroom supplies in my household, I like to keep things new and exciting.

Testing out various scents and brands of products each month is almost like a ritual.

However, what did not change up until a few years ago, was the toilet paper I used.

But the growing concern over how poorly it affected the environment was convincing enough for me.

I switched to a bidet soon after, and it is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

And I am not alone in this. Some have made this swap already, and many others want to.

But there are some worries, especially among women, in the hygiene aspect.

Various misconceptions are floating around regarding this matter.

In this article, I will help clear them up as best as possible.

In addition, you can use this as a guide to the complete process of using it, and its pros and cons.

The Tips On Using A Bidet As A Woman

Bidets help clean away the dirt in a gentle way using water. So, they can be a useful gadget for everyone, regardless of gender and age.

But for women, they offer some additional benefits while posing some risks.

Thus, if you are a woman or want to purchase it for someone who is, learning how to use it correctly is crucial.

Here I have three tips for you that can help you do just that.

1. Using Different Types Of Bidets Correctly

There are different types of bidets available in the market. These include portable bidets, standalone bidets, hand-held bidets, bidet seats, built-in toilet bidets.

Even though each of them serves the same purpose, they have different mechanisms. And as a bidet user, you have to use the one you own correctly.

For women, no matter which bidet they use, it is crucial to let the water spray from front to back. That is critical for preventing infections.

Some bidets come with a feminine wash mode, which you can use right after peeing.

So, make use of this feature, particularly during periods.

With that said, let us see how you should use different types of bidets.

➤ Method Of Using Portable Bidets

A portable or travel bidet uses batteries for its operations.

So, before you use it, make sure it is charged.

Next, fill it up with water up to the market level before putting on the water cap.

Once you are all set, sit on the toilet and point the bidet towards your nether regions.

Spray the water where you want to. But make sure you do it from front to back. Dry using a suitable method afterward.

➤ Method Of Using Handheld Bidets

Handheld bidets are small sprayers that serve a similar purpose as regular bidets but use a different mechanism.

To use one, all you need to do is open the valve, letting the water into the line.

Next, align it correctly and spray from front to back by pressing the ON button. And voila! You are all clean. Follow up with a drying step.

➤ Method Of Using Bidet Seats

In the case of bidet seats, there is no need to position yourself in a certain way.

Once you are done using the toilet, simply press the START button and you will be clean within seconds.

After that, dry yourself off well.

Typically, these bidet seats come with a dryer feature.

So, be sure to make full use of it.

2. Drying Off Correctly After Use

Since bidets use a stream of water to rinse the area, many people feel it is doing a better job at cleaning.

And this is true to an extent since there is so much you can wipe with toilet paper without irritating your skin.

But for women, leaving the water on your private parts can be dangerous.

The damp, dark environment in your underwear is a breeding ground for microbes.

So, this puts you at risk for various bacterial and fungal infections.

Thus, it is vital to dry off properly after using the bidet.

You can use a piece of toilet paper for this purpose. Or if you can opt for reusable bidet towels like me.

Just make sure to keep your used and fresh ones separate. I like to keep mine in two different baskets near the toilet.

If you share your bathroom with someone else, clearly mark or color-code your towels.

That will prevent them from mixing up, eliminating the risk of contamination.

Some bidets come with a built-in dryer that can be convenient for many.

3. Keeping The Right Pressure And Temperature

Many bidets available in the market come with water pressure and temperature adjusting settings.

Many women enjoy a warm stream of water down there, especially when coupled with a warm air dryer.

However, it is necessary to keep the water temperature at a certain level to avoid burns and skin irritation.

Similarly, good water pressure can provide thorough cleaning and an enjoyable experience.

However, it should also be restricted to ensure no injuries occur.

The Benefits Of Using A Bidet As A Woman:

The use of bidets is a step in the right direction for a more sustainable future. But can they prove to be more beneficial than toilet paper in other ways? And if so, can they be the right choice for women, who are typically more prone to sexual health-related issues? Below I will answer both of these questions in detail.

● Helps During Pregnancy

Hemorrhoids can happen to women of all ages. But they particularly tend to trouble women during pregnancy. So, if you experience discomfort in your rectal area and find the veins there to be swollen, a bidet can help. A stream of lukewarm water can soothe the area during cleaning. That is unlike toilet paper, which can aggravate the hemorrhoids further due to friction. But be mindful while using warm water down there. If it is too hot, you risk scalding and increasing the swelling further.
Bidets are also an excellent option for people with mobility issues. That is because reaching far enough with toilet paper is often difficult. During the last few months of pregnancy, women go through a similar struggle. And bidets can help solve this problem to a large extent.

● Offers Relief From UTIs

Aside from hemorrhoids, bidets are also great for urinary tract infection (UTI) relief.

Do not get me wrong. A spray of water cannot cure your disease. But it can definitely help reduce some of the itchiness, discharge, and smell.

Like I mentioned before, make sure you dry the area properly after use. Otherwise, your UTI and its symptoms might worsen.

Bidets can also be helpful for post-sex clean-up. Thus, you can skip a full-blown shower while eliminating the risk of infection.

● Provides A More Comfortable Period Experience

Let us face it. No woman feels light and breezy during menstruation.

The cramps, the smell, the constant wearing of a pad, tampon, or menstrual cup – nothing is comfortable.

But bidets can help you a little bit better. If you lightly crank up the temperature of the water, it can help relieve your cramps.

Not to mention, a generous splash of water can help you feel cleaner down there.

The feminine wash mode available in some bidets is particularly useful since it targets the vagina directly.

Aside from the period relief, bidets can also be useful during clean-up.

For instance, if you use a menstrual cup, you can use your bidet to wash it right on the toilet.

That will make the process faster and far more sanitary.

The Risks Of Using A Bidet As A Woman

The concerns over the hygiene aspect of bidets are not totally unfounded. There have been many cases where they have caused problems for women.

Below I will mention these risks and tell you how I work my way around them.

● Increases The Risk Of UTIs

Using a bidet is a great way of keeping oneself clean. But often, the nozzle of the sprayer is dirty and laden with bacteria.

So, when women use it, those bacteria directly reach the vagina, leading to urinary tract infections (UTIs).

To prevent this from happening and to maintain overall hygiene, clean the nozzle frequently with some soap and water.

While cleaning yourself, if you let the water flow from back to front, an infection can also occur. That is because fecal matter from the rectum can get sprayed into the vagina. So, for women, it is always recommended that they wash from front to back.

● Can Cause Burns

Most modern bidets come with customizable water temperature settings. While these can provide an excellent bathroom experience, they can also be dangerous if not used correctly.

So, for instance, if you set the temperature too high, you put yourself at the risk of burns.

The vagina being already sensitive can be affected seriously.

● Can Cause Injuries

High water pressure is a must for my showers.

But the same is not true for bidets since it is not a good idea. If you turn the knob all the way up, you can injure yourself.

For women suffering from hemorrhoids, a strong jet from your bidet can make your condition worse.

So, always be mindful of the settings and keep yourself safe.

The Bottom Line

Bidets have been a useful bathroom gadget for years.

Unfortunately, many women are reluctant to use it for fear of getting an infection of some sort. But bidets are generally not problematic if used correctly.

So, if you are thinking of getting one for your bathroom, I would suggest going for it.

However, if you are prone to UTIs, it is best to consult your healthcare provider before making the swap.

Similar is the case for pregnant women.

Otherwise, bidets are an excellent choice for everyone, regardless of age and gender.