How Much Does A Bidet Cost

How Much Does A Bidet Cost?: 3 Cost Determining Factors

Bidets have become quite a commonplace sight in homes.

Earlier, they used to be popular only in Europe. But now, they have spread across America too.

However, people are yet to become completely confident when it comes to choosing bidets over toilet paper.

A major cause of doubt is whether the much higher upfront cost of a bidet is really worth it.

And here at BidetTalk, we get a lot of questions from people interested in install bidets in their homes.

And one such frequently asked question is:

How much does a bidet cost?

Well, the price of the bidet varies according to its functionality and features.

Bidets are available in a huge range of prices, starting from under $200.

The low mid-range bidet costs 200$ to 1000$, the mid-range bidets cost anywhere between 1000$ to 4500$ and high-end bidets can cost you between 4500$ to 9000$.

It might sound a little costly at first, but if you calculate it, you will find that the overall cost of having and using a bidet is far less than using toilet paper.

And it is much more hygienic, convenient, and comfortable than toilet paper.

In this article, I will lay down the price averages and ranges for any kind of bidet that you may want.

bidet toilet

How Much Does A Bidet Cost: Detailed Analysis

Let us see the average cost of a bidet and variations in cost depending on type and functionalities in detail.

Average Cost Of Bidet

Bidets can come in a variety of types and with a variety of features.

Accordingly, their prices vary too.

Plus, there are many luxury bidet options that cost a fortune.

Most low-range bidets that include the standard features can cost anywhere between $200 and $1000.

Mid-range bidets will cost slightly higher, going from $1000 to $4500.

These have more controls and customizability than the low-range ones.

The high-range ones, on the other hand, cost between $4500 and $9000.

These have the most premium features, none of which are, however, indispensable.

These are for those who want an ultra-modern smart bathroom.

These are, of course, only the average price ranges.

You will find quite a few options under $200 as well as highly sophisticated bidets above $9000 too.

Cost Of Bidet By Type

Different types of bidets obviously cost different, which is not a surprise.

The price ranges and averages of different kinds of bidets are as follows:

Traditional Standalone Bidet

Traditional standalone bidet refers to a separate bowl that many people install that is used for washing purposes only.

You will find them mostly in the houses of people who installed bidets back when they had not gained momentum yet.

TOTO BT500B #01 Piedmont Bidet
TOTO BT500B #01 Piedmont Bidet

Nowadays, these standalone bidets cost between $200 and $500, with some going up to $7000 too while others being below $100.

Bidet Seat

Bidet seats, also known as washlets, are the most popular version of bidets right now.

They are toilet seats with bidets built into their bodies.

Bio Bidet Bliss BB2000
Bio Bidet Bliss BB2000

They can cost anything between $200 and $700.

However, many companies are coming out with bidet toilet seats that are even cheaper with the most basic features.

Whereas many companies have bidet seats that can costs from one to a few thousand dollars with luxury features.

Bidet Attachment

Bidet attachments are bidet wands fitted with a control panel that can be attached under the toilet seat for operation.

Tushy Classic 3.0 Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment
Tushy Classic 3.0 Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment

These usually cost around $50 to $100, but as with all products, can cost above or below this range too.

Toilet Bidet Combo

These are the costliest bidet versions.

They are toilets with integrated bidets.


Basically, in one piece of hardware, you get both flushing and bidet functions.

They start from $800, but the average cost is above $1000, with premium models being a few thousand.

Cost Of Bidet By Shape

According to the shape of toilets, bidet seats come in different shapes too, as given below:


This is the most common toilet shape. So, the variety of bidet seats available for these is the highest.

From this, it follows that the price range of elongated bidet seats is also wider.

They cost between $200 and $700 on average.

But, there are many options that come below $200 and tons of luxury bidets above $700.


Round toilets are less common, being found only in older buildings and tight-spaced toilets.

However, more and more companies are making bidets for round toilets.

Because these toilets are smaller, the bidets require less material to make and thus, are cheaper on the upper side.

Round toilet bidets cost between $150 and $600 on average.


Square toilets are up and coming as a sign of luxury.

Naturally, the bidets for square toilets are also costlier because they are less in demand and more difficult to make.

Most square bidet seats fall within the range of $500 to $1500.

However, just as costlier models exist, so are more affordable options available.

Bidet Cost By Mount

Standalone bidets and integrated bidet toilets can be of two types. Their prices are as follows:


Floor-mounted options are more common and easier to install.

Therefore, they cost less than wall-mounted ones.

On average, floor-mounted standalone bidets and integrated bidet toilets cost between $200 and $600.


Wall-mounted standalone bidets and integrated bidet toilets cost higher because they require more support and reinforcements in construction and installation.

Usually, they cost between $300 and $700.

Bidet toilet with toilet-paper

Bidet Usage Cost

Bidets are quite economical to use in the long run.

They will cost you way less than using toilet paper.

– How Much Electricity Bo Bidets Use?

Electric bidets register a power consumption equivalent to less than $70 per year with heavy usage and just above $20 a year with low usage.

Non-electric bidets do not have this cost at all.

– How much does a bidet add to the water bill?

In terms of water usage, if we consider a water flow rate of 0.5 liters or 0.13 gallons per minute, heavy usage of 20 minutes per day will consume 10 liters or 2.64 gallons per day.

This would amount to only $1.93 per year for a national average of $.002 per gallon.

– Bidet VS toilet paper cost

The average American spends anywhere between $120 to $180 per year on toilet paper.

One roll of toilet paper requires 37 gallons of water and one person’s lifetime usage of toilet paper results in the cutting down of at least 384 trees.

Bidet usage can bring down the usage of toilet paper by 75%.

Bidets with an air dryer can completely eliminate the use of toilet paper.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Bidet

Most plumbers will charge between $50 and $200 per hour for their services.

A bidet installation can take from one hour to three hours depending on what adjustments must be made in the plumbing of your bathroom.

Easy-install bidet seats and attachments that come with all necessary parts included can make for a DIY project and cost nothing except for a few fittings if your bathroom plumbing is not standard.

– How much does it cost to add an outlet to a bidet?

For electric bidets, you also have to worry about electric outlets and wiring issues.

If you already have a nearby outlet, the cost can be null.

But if you need to install an outlet, the average cost for a professional can run between $100 and $200.

For wiring issues and adjustments, this cost can easily run over $300.

For standalone bidets and integrated bidet toilets, you also have to consider construction costs.

Depending on your bathroom setting, the bidet itself, and the usual charges of the job in the area, this cost can vary between $150 to $800.


A bidet can be a lifesaver for people.

More and more people are opting for bidets not only because of the hygiene and convenience but also because the lifetime expenses are far less than that of using toilet paper.

Many places in the world have been using bidets for centuries.

This only goes on to prove that bidets are better as well as more economical options for your toilet.

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