Do You Use A Bidet After Peeing

Do You Use A Bidet After Peeing?: 3 Things To Keep In Mind

Bidets have revolutionized the concept of toilets.

They clean better than the toilet paper, are environment friendly, more hygienic, and are comfortable to use.

Bidets spray water to your butt to wash it after doing poo-poo and can be used by both males and females.

But do you use a bidet after peeing? Or can you?

Well, yes! you can definitely use the bidet after peeing.

If you are a female then bidet would work much better for you than toilet paper.

But keep in mind a few things before doing so.

Firstly you will have to adjust your bidet’s water spray intensity so that the water sprays softly and does cause any discomfort and irritation.

 If your bidet has Front Wash or the Feminine Wash feature, use that to clean your private area instead of regular wash mode.

These modes spray water from front to back and are meant to clean female genitalia.

And last but not least, adjust your seating position so that the water is sprayed in the intended area to avoid any kind of discomfort.  

Women using bidet toilet

Using Bidet After Peeing

The spray of a bidet is a pleasant way to clean up after peeing and provides a healthier alternative to wet wipes, which often contain ingredients that can irritate your vulva.

A bidet is also a convenient way to clean out a menstrual cup.

You probably know the rule that you should pee after sex to prevent a UTI, and a bidet comes in handy in this instance, too, providing a quick cleanup after sex without the need to take a shower.

The Intensity Of The Spray

The intensity of the spray is different in different bidets. Make sure that you adjust the intensity before washing your private.

If you don’t do that you might injure yourself while washing. As the skin of the private part is very sensitive, a strong spray can hurt it and may cause skin peeling.

Wash Modes

Many good bidets have different washing modes that function differently in terms of water spray intensity and technology.

Depending on the model, some bidets come with a “feminine wash” setting which thoroughly cleans a woman’s vaginal area using a wider, alternate spray pattern which creates a softer wash.

The nozzle adjusts to the appropriate position to reach the area needing to be cleaned.

For example, the TOTO S550E has the Air-in Wonder Wave feature that infuses the water stream with air bubbles for a delicate wash.


It also features oscillating and pulsating wands for an all-around, thorough clean every time.

Similarly, the VOVO Stylement VB-1400SR features three different washing modes, namely Posterior Wash, Feminine Wash, and the Turbo Wash.

VOVO Stylement VB-1400SR
VOVO Stylement VB-1400SR

The Feminine wash is what you use to cleaning yourself after peeing.

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Adjust Your Seating Position

Well, if your bidet doesn’t have feminine wash mode, the most basic thing that you can do is to adjust your seating position so that water spray hits the intended area.

Adjust the spray intensity, adjust your seating position and you are good to go.

Be careful when cleaning yourself using bidet after peeing as the skin on the private area is very sensitive a harsh water spray or improper seating position might cause skin irritation and inflammation.


I hope this article was helpful in understanding how to wash after peeing using a bidet.

Bidets have indeed changed the way we use toilets today.

And to be honest it is a boon for ladies and old people, although it has great advantages for men as well.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment box. I will definitely answer all your questions.


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