Best Bidets Under $50

Best Bidets Under $50: Expert’s Top Picks!

Bidet is the current craze in modern restrooms.

And the pandemic has increased the popularity and demand of bidets even higher.

“Bidet seats and bidet toilets in the U.S. are currently a $106 million category expected to grow 15 percent annually, according to BRG Building Solutions’ October 2018 North American Shower Toilet & Bidet Seat Markets report”, USA Today reported.

Best Bidets Under $50

Image Bidet Features Size Check Price
Luxe Bidet Neo 185 Self-cleaning dual nozzle, sanitary and feminine wash ‎13.5 x 7 x 3 inches Buy-on-Amazon1
Bio Bidet Slim Twist Dual nozzle, easy to install ‎16 x 13 x 3.5 inches BuyonAmazon2
Samodra Bidet Attachment Pressure Controls, retractable self-cleaning dual nozzles, frontal & rear wash ‎17.4 x 8.54 x 3.46 inches Buy-on-Amazon1
Smarterfresh Luxury Handheld Bidet Gentle rise with jet spray, 1 Yr warranty on set, Aesthetic finish ‎10 x 3.5 x 6.25 inches BuyonAmazon2
Brondell Thinline SimpleSpa SS-150 Self-cleaning nozzle, slimmer and thinner than other bidet attachments ‎15.4 x 9.15 x 0.2 inches Buy-on-Amazon1

And with this increasing popularity, the bidet marketplace is quite a crowded business segment with multiple brands introducing numerous bidet attachments at different price ranges to their eager consumers.

But this article is all about budget bidets. And I did extensive market research and found some great bidets in the $50 price bracket.

The best bidets under $50 are Luxe Neo 185 bidet, Bio Bidet slim twist and the Brondell Thinline SimpleSpa SS-150. These all are bidet attachments. If you are looking for a handheld bidet then the Smartfresh luxury bidet is the perfect fit for you.

In this post, I have compiled the information about the best 5 bidets under $50 that you need to consider if your budget is less, or perhaps you want to try out a bidet for the first time.

Benefits Of Buying A Budget Bidet

The bidet is a modern feature of your toilet that makes washing a breeze after using the toilet.

They are made to ensure that you wash out in the most hygienic way possible at all times.

But there are many more benefits of buying a bidet, particularly a budget one.

  1. Although the budget bidets do not advanced features like a warm air dryer or warm water spray, every budget bidet serves the purpose they are made for, to spray water and clean butts!
  2. They are perfect for first-time users who want to try a bidet experience for the first time.
  3. This budget bidet can help you save a lot of money on toilet paper(sometimes up to 80%).
  4. Bidets are good for the environment too. Less toilet paper means fewer trees are cut every year for toilet paper production.

There are many more benefits like cleaner toilets and no more pipe blockage because of toilet paper etc that make own a bidet worth every penny.

5 Best Bidets Under $50

Okay now, let us see some of the top budget bidets that you can get in under the $50 price bracket.

1. Luxe Bidet Neo 185

Luxe Bidet is a luxury home product that caters to the middle class of the market.

If you need luxurious home products that come at an affordable price range, then this is the brand to check out.

They are known for many premium home products with low prices.

Luxe Bidet Neo 185
Luxe Bidet Neo 185 


The NEO 185 is a front-line product from Luxe Bidet. This is a luxurious and affordable bidet product that has been made with comfort and luxury in mind.

The product looks set to revolutionize the way you wash after using the restroom.

This bidet is built with features like:

Easy Water pressure Adjustment: You get an ergonomic knob that can be used to adjust the pressure of the water.

With the NEO 185, you can easily go from Off, Low to High, and back again. This water pressure adjustment knob makes using the bidet pretty simple.

Nozzle Self-cleaning Function: This Bidet comes with an innovative self-cleaning nozzle. This means that the nozzle is rinsed out with fresh water after use.

Double Nozzle: This bidet comes with a double nozzle that makes it easier for cleaning different parts of the body.

This dual nozzle function works with the double cleaning function of easily cleaning both the rear and front part of the urinary area immediately after using the toilet.

Special Feature For Women: The NEO 185 is one that you are sure to feel comfortable with if you are a lady.

The special “women cleaning function” can be adjusted with a knob to produce a jet stream of high-pressure water that is properly angled to accurately provide the right amount of water for after using the restroom.

Easy Installation: The NEO 185 can be easily installed with the use of basic tools. It comes with an instructional manual that provides simple directions on the installation pattern.

It is a very simple toilet fixture that can be easily installed beneath the toilet seat cover.

It has been ergonomically produced to ensure that installation is a simple DIY activity.

To get more details about this bidet, you can click here. (link to Amazon)

2. Bio Bidet Slim Twist

Bio Bidet is known as a company that produces some of the best sanitary products in the market.

As a company that is fairly known in the home improvement market, Bio bidets produce innovative but cheap products that work to improve our comfort at home.

Bio Bidet Slim Twist
Bio Bidet Slim Twist 


The Slim Twist is a basic-level bidet that offers all of the features of a world-class bidet at a cheaper price. This special toilet bidet attachment comes with a minimalist design.

It has been modified to fit any toilet seat cover design.

The Bio bidet Slim Twist has been built with special features like:

A Double Nozzle System: A dual nozzle system means that you get to use this bidet attachment in two different modes.

You can easily switch the bidet to the rear mode where you can easily wash off your posterior regions. The other mode of this dual nozzle bidet is the female model.

This is the mode that forces pressurized water for a proper feminine wash after using the toilet.

● Adjustable knob: The adjustable knob is a fixture of the bidet attachment that is used to control the purpose of the sanitary fixture.

The adjustable knob can be used to activate the three main settings of the bidet system. You get to choose between off, the rear, and the female model.

Small Form Factor: The Slim twist is a very popular bidet attachment because of its small form factor.

It has been produced with a minimalist design to ensure that you install it under your toilet without disturbing the positioning of the toilet seat.

Toilet Seat Studs: The Slim twist comes with a set of toilet seat studs that help to support your toilet seat cover after installation.

This is because the bidet attachment usually increases the distance of the toilet seat cover from the toilet bowl.

This makes the seat cover looks suspended over the toilet bowl, and become susceptible to breaking.

The toilet seat studs from the Bio bidet act as a means of support to stop the toilet seat from breaking off.

● Easy Installation: The Slim twist has been built in such a way that installation is a breeze.

All you ever need is the manual and a set of basic tools. The slim twist has been designed ergonomically to promote easy installation.

● Eco-friendly Product: This bidet attachment works to support the immediate environment.

Apart from saving you costs of buying toilet paper, it was built in such a way that it minimizes pollution to the outer environment.

Click here to check more details of this bidet on Amazon.

3. Samodra Bidet Attachment

Samodra is a household name when it comes to the design and engineering of homemade products like their bidet line of products.

As a brand that caters to low-priced home products, they ensure that their products come with the best of both worlds: low price and quality.

Samodra Bidet Attachment
Samodra Bidet Attachment 


Samodra has created its bidet attachment with aesthetics and function in mind.

With this bidet attachment, you get an elegantly designed product that comes with a durable design and a minimalist body profile. Its small form factor justifies the price tag and makes installation quite a breeze.

With the Samodra bidet attachment, you can expect to get features like:

Button Spray Controller: Unlike most other bidet attachments, you get buttons for this product, rather than knobs. It has been ergonomically designed for easier use.

Knob for water pressure adjustment: You get a knob that can be adjusted easily.

As a knob for controlling water pressure, it can be used to adjust the spray intensity.

Ultra-thin design: You get a bidet attachment that combines a minimalist design with a small form factor.

With a thickness of 0.19 inches, this bidet from Samodra is a lot lighter and 50% easier to install than other competing brands.

Nozzle guard gate: You get a guard gate for the nozzles that helps to give the nozzles maximum cleanliness and double protection.

Triple cleaning action: This Samodra bidet attachment offers a triple cleaning function of posterior cleaning mode, the feminine cleaning mode, and the self-cleaning mode.

Easy installation: This is a bidet attachment that comes with a DIY installation procedure.

Its user-friendliness means that you do not need any maintenance technician to assist you with the installation process.

Click here to check it on Amazon.

4. Smarterfresh Luxury Handheld Bidet

Smarterfresh is a brand that makes a high-end product for users looking for affordable products.

Smarterfresh is a big name that is a front-line company in the market for sanitary products.

They produce a range of home products that are engineered and designed to make the home more comfortable.

Smarterfresh Luxury Handheld Bidet
Smarterfresh Luxury Handheld Bidet


Smarterfresh luxury handheld bidet is among the top five best-selling bidets under $50.

The sanitary product comes fully armed with a series of top-notch features that have been purpose-built to make cleaning after using the toilet, a fun activity.

You can get top-notch features like:

Handheld Bidet System: Unlike every other bidet on this list, you get a handheld bidet sprayer with this product. Connected with the nylon-braided metal bidet hose from the main supply, you can properly direct the water when washing.
Aesthetic Finish: This handheld bidet attachment comes with stainless steel parts that look pretty nice in the home.

However, the T-valve of this device is chrome-coated to give off a feeling of aesthetics.

Stainless Steel Parts: As a toilet bidet attachment that has been built for sustained durability, you get a sanitary product that is built with steel parts. This means that you get a collection of accessories that are meant to last for as long as possible.
Bidet Holder: This bidet attachment comes with a bidet holder that is used to hold the bidet sprayer head. This holder is connected to the tank through a bidet hook.

Easy Installation: With the Smarterfresh luxury handheld bidet, you get a sanitary fixture that takes 10 minutes or less for complete installation. This product simply comes with a plug-and-play installation process.

One Year Warranty: If you buy this sanitary product from Smarterfresh, you get a year’s warranty on the product.

For more information about this bidet, click here and check it on Amazon.

5. Brondell Bidet SimpleSpa SS – 150

Brondell is a brand that is known for making smooth and sleek bathroom products.

The home product brand is known for its smart line of sanitary materials that work to make your home more comfortable and enjoyable.

The best thing about this brand is the fact that they make luxurious and affordable products that just about anybody can afford.

Brondell Bidet SimpleSpa SS – 150
Brondell Bidet SimpleSpa SS – 150 


The SS-150 is a simple, secure, and minimalist-designed bidet attachment that can be easily installed on your toilet without much hassle.

It has been produced with a small form factor to ensure a simple installation. You get a quality bidet that works too well for its price tag.

This bidet comes with features like:

Easy Installation: The Simplespa SS-150 Thinline bidet comes with all the accessories and instructional manual to support its installation. This makes the installation of the product a breeze and requires just basic tools.

Slim Form Factor: You get the thinnest bidet attachment that you can get for this price range.

This slim form factor of about 0.2 inches means that your toilet seat cover will not deviate from its original resting position.

Dual Nozzles: This bidet attachment comes with a double nozzle system that can be used to provide different cleaning functions.

The dual nozzle system means that you get a dual wash function that supports washing your front and rear urinary parts.

Hidden Nozzle System: This bidet attachment comes with a sleek and attractive nozzle work function that means that your dual nozzles retract back into the guard gates when not in use.

To use it, press the activation button and watch it become visible again for use.

Smart Operation Function: Rather than come with cumbersome twisting knobs, you get a bathroom product that comes with a smart touch system.

You do not need any awkward knobs to use this product. Just follow the illustrations on it and press the device and get a smart operation.

Check out this budget bidet on Amazon.

Final Words

The best bidets under $50 feature a collection of budget bidets that makes using the restroom more comfortable and efficient.

With a smart combination of aesthetics and innovation, these bidet products simply bring all the benefits to your home.

All products come with durable accessories like the T-valve, the nylon braided metal bidet hose, the screw caps, and so on.

The accessory fittings of the bidet attachment have been modified in a way that makes installation a lot easy.

All products come with instructional manuals to also simplify the process of installation.

You need to try one of these bidet attachment products to see the way it simply transforms your experience in the toilet.


1. Are Cheap Bidets Worth It?

Yes, they are definitely with it. At just about $50 or less, these cheap best bidets are perfect for just anybody looking for a hygienic bidet product that offers top-notch quality.

For below $50, you can get the best bidet products that come with both rear and front cleaning functions. This is further boosted with a powerful water spray.

In addition, you get a bidet attachment that can be installed easily in many toilets.

2. How much should I spend on a bidet?

The amount of money that you can spend when buying a bidet depends on your budget and purpose.

Many bidet attachments come at affordable prices.

At the same time, they can be expensive too. You can easily get a toilet bidet attachment that costs from $50 to $600. The cost of the product is also determined by the brand and features.

Many bidets are quite affordable and come with a complete set of functions to help you have a pleasurable toilet experience.

3. Is It Worth It To Buy A Bidet?

Bidets are hooked up straight to the plumbing system of your toilet, they can be easily installed by DIY enthusiasts.

They are cheap and do not need any professional installers to hook them up to your toilet system.

They also help you save a lot more money instead of buying toilet paper.

This means that the bidet will easily pay back the money invested in it. Bidets in the toilet are certainly worth it.

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