Best Bidets For Round Toilet

5 Best Bidets For Round Toilets: Comfortable & Spacious Options

If you have a round toilet, you might find it a bit more difficult to find the perfect round bidet for it.

This is because the number of round bidets manufactured by companies is far less than that of elongated bidets.

Best Round Bidet Toilet Seats

Image Bidet Features Size Check Price
Bio Bidet BB2000 Bidet Self Cleaning Hydroflush,
Vortex Wash, Hybrid Heating
23 x 20 x 10 inches
Brondell Swash 1400 Dual Nozzle, Self-Sterilization, Air Dryer, 19.55 x 15.2 x 5.75 inches
Brondell Swash S1200-EW Programmable User Settings, Self-Cleaning Nozzles, Warm Water 19.55 x 15.2 x 5.75 inches
VOVO Stylement VB-4100SR Deodorization, Eco Power Save, Heated Seat 19.8 x 15 x 5.1 inches
Alpha Bidet iX Round Bidet  4 Wash Functions, Oscillation & Pulse, LED Nightlight ‎22.44 x 21.1 x 8.82 inches

Many companies do not even produce round bidets.

The reason is not hard to find, since the elongated toilets are more popular than the round ones.

But we at are here to help you find the bidet that fits all your requirements.

And we have compiled a list of the 5 best bidets for round toilets you can find in the market.

  • Bio Bidet BB2000 Round Bidet Smart Toilet Seat
  • Brondell Swash 1400 Luxury Bidet Toilet Seat
  • Brondell Swash S1200-EW Luxury Bidet Toilet Seat
  • VOVO Stylement VB-4100SR Electronic Smart Bidet
  • Alpha Bidet iX Round Hybrid Bidet Toilet Seat

5 Best Bidets For Round Toilets

Let us go through the specifications and features of each bidet one by one

Bio Bidet BB2000 Round Bidet Smart Toilet Seat

Bio Bidet is a name that is rising fast in the bidet market. People trust Bio Bidet as a reliable solution for all their bidet needs.

Its bidets are sturdy and sleek while being fully loaded with the best features.

Bio Bidet BB2000 Round Bidet
Bio Bidet BB2000 Round Bidet 

The BB2000 model from Bio Bide comes in both elongated and round versions.

The round one possesses all the high-end features that the elongated version sports so you do not have to worry about compromising on that front.

Its feature set includes:

Triple nozzle for triple wash: The BB2000 contains a fancy stainless steel wand.

But looks are not the only domain it is good at.

The wand comes with three separate nozzles for three different types of washes – posterior, feminine, and a vortex wash for when you need extra pressure in your cleaning.

Temperature control of water and seat: You can get instant warm water as well as seat heating in this Bio Bidet model.

This means that whether you prefer a higher temperature or it is winter, this bidet has got you covered.

Slow-closing lid for zero damage: If you slammed the lid of the bidet down just as you do with the toilet seat, you will be left with a broken bidet in a few days.

The smart, slow-closing lid of this bidet ensures no such damage occurs.

The perfect water stream for a refreshing wash: This Bio Bidet features an oscillating wide clean mode and a pulsating massage mode of wash for a thorough clean.

The water is bubble-infused to prevent your parts from getting hurt.

Hybrid heating technology for smart heating: The hybrid heating technology employed by the Bio Bidet.

BB2000 ensures that you get instant and continuous warm water throughout the time you are on the toilet.

An eco-friendly choice for the environment-conscious: Like any other bidet, this one obviously helps save the environment by reducing paper use and wastage.

But it goes over and above that with its Energy Save mode which reduces electricity consumption.

Check out the product on Amazon.

Brondell Swash 1400 Luxury Bidet Toilet Seat

Brondell is one of the most trusted companies in the bidet world.

A name to reckon with, Brondell has some of the most fast-selling bidet models out there.

This is due to how Brondell perfectly balances features with convenience in each of its models.

Brondell Swash 1400 Round Bidet Toilet Seat
Brondell Swash 1400 Round Bidet Toilet Seat

The Swash 1400 is the most advanced model in the entire Swash series.

It was designed keeping in mind the needs of every modern and tech-savvy homeowner.

It comes in a version for round toilets to ensure that nobody gets left out from availing this drool-worthy bidet.

Its features are as follows:

Every feature you can think of is here: Brondell has packed in every feature that makes a bidet a premium one in the Swash 1400.

You have continuous water heating, seat heating, warm air dryer, oscillating nozzle, replaceable deodorizer as well as a blue LED nightlight.

High level of customization on user settings: The Swash 1400 is not only packed with exciting features but also allows the user to modulate them in any way they like to create the perfect setting according to their preference from among thousands of possible combinations.

Auto mode for a hassle-free wash: Not only can you craft the perfect washing experience on the Swash 1400, but you can also save it to the auto mode so you can activate it with one touch when you are using the toilet.

Installation is simple and easy: Installing the Swash 1400 is so easy and intuitive that any homeowner can do it themselves.

Plus, the size of the bidet seat and the length of the power cord is perfect to fit any toilet.

A premium design for a premium home: Just because this is a bidet for a round toilet does not mean it is shabbily designed.

The Brondell round model looks just as sleek and chic as the elongated model.

It has hidden pockets for concealing the connections so that the bidet does not look chunky and ugly.

A guarantee of quality and performance: The Brondell bidet comes with a warranty of three years, which is significant for a bidet.

This goes on to show that this is one brand that did not compromise when ensuring the quality and performance of the bidet.

Find more details about the Brondell Swash 1400 here.

Brondell Swash S1200-EW Luxury Bidet Toilet Seat

You are looking at another Brondell in this list because the brand is just that good with all its bidet models.

It is sensitive to the needs of all kinds of toilet users and hence, is one of the few companies that has a number of noteworthy round bidets in its catalog.

Brondell Swash S1200-EW Round Bidet Toilet Seat
Brondell Swash S1200-EW Round Bidet

The Swash S1200-EW may be a lower model in the Swash series but do not mistake it to be any less than the Swash 1400.

It comes with every feature that any bidet owner would want without making itself look bulky or making its use difficult for anyone.

We will look at its features now:

Better-than-the-industry-standard nozzles: The Swash S1200-EW comes with dual stainless steel nozzles.

Not only is the material proven to be better than the industry-standard plastic but the use of separate nozzles is also shown to be more hygienic and capable of providing better wash results.

A genius in water stream adjustments: With the Swash S1200-EW, you get separate rear and front wash, adjustable water temperature as well as pressure, seven different nozzle positions, adjustable spray width, and aerated spray for whatever kind of wash you want.

No more surprises down there: The bidet uses a ceramic-core water heating system that instantly heats up the water and keeps the hot water coming for as long as you need.

Forget that sudden spray of cold water startling you off the toilet.

All subsidiary features at your service: Besides everything you can do with the water stream, you also get a quick-release seat, gentle-close lid, nightlight, and self-cleaning nozzles.

Easy to use and control: You can control any set of the bidet easily using the remote controller provided.

You can also save certain settings that are preferred or frequented by users so that you can activate them with a single touch.

Perfect fit and easy installation: This bidet fits easily and perfectly over any round toilet and looks sleek and modern.

It is easy to install and saves you dollars worth of installation costs.

You can find more about the Brondell Swash S1200-EW here. (link to Amazon)

VOVO Stylement VB-4100SR Electronic Smart Bidet

VOVO is a popular option to choose when you are buying a bidet.

It provides bidets with every feature you would expect from any market leader but without burning a hole in your pocket.

You can trust VOVO blindly when buying a bidet for your round toilet.

VOVO STYLEMENT VB-4100SR Electronic Smart Bidet
VOVO Stylement VB-4100SR Electronic Smart Bidet

The Stylement VB-4100SR is a smart model and comes in a round version that is just as good as the elongated version.

It fulfills all your washing needs after using the toilet and leaves you feeling fresh and clean every single time.

Here are its most prominent features:

Full control over the kind of wash: The VB-4100SR allows you to choose what kind of wash you want.

You can choose from among posterior wash, feminine wash, and a turbo wash for some string cleaning game.

Heating facility at every point: If you just cannot tolerate the cold, you are in luck, this VOVO model allows you to not only get instant warm water but also provides seat heating and a warm air dryer.

Auto-deodorizer to conquer that odor: The odor after using the toilet is embarrassing, to say the least.

The VOVO model employs an auto-deodorizer to automatically kill the smell once you are done using the toilet.

Fits any round toilet out there: The VB-4100SR is built with dimensions keeping in mind the optimum size of round toilets.

That means you do not have to worry about the bidet fitting your toilet seat.

DIY installation to save costs: No one wants to waste a ton of money on installation right after buying an expensive bidet.

VOVO has got your back with a DIY installation kit and a video installation guide to do it yourself.

For more details on the VB-4100SR, click here and check it on Amazon.

Alpha Bidet iX Round Hybrid Bidet Toilet Seat

Alpha truly brings its alpha game to the table with one of the most pocket-friendly bidets with features to match.

Do not think the low price indicates low quality.

Customer reviews prove that its products are some of the best in the market.

Alpha Bidet iX Round Hybrid Bidet
Alpha Bidet iX Round Hybrid Bidet

The iX Hybrid is no different. It has all the features of any luxury bidet out there and more but does not make you have to think twice before investing.

If you are looking for a budget bidet without compromising on features, the iX Hybrid is the way to go.

Here is the list of features to convince you:

Hybrid heating for the best results: The ceramic core heating technology used by the iX Hybrid provides a constant stream of warm water from the get-go.

And what’s more, it is also more eco-friendly than traditional heating mechanisms.

Four different modes for four ways to wash: The Alpha provides four different wash modes for four different needs.

You get Rear wash, Front wash, Rear+ wash, and Child wash.

The smartest nozzle in the market: Alpha uses stainless steel for its nozzle, which is proven to be the better option, it is also smart in its washing.

It self-washes the nozzle before and after every use and retracts automatically too.

All advanced features under the roof: The bidet also comes with oscillation and pulsing water stream, seat warning, warm air dryer, nozzle position control, LED nightlight, and wireless remote control.

Good-looking and long-lasting: You may wonder that being low-priced yet feature-packed, the bidet must be ugly and cheap in quality.

This is far from the truth, as the bidet sports a suave, sleek look while being sturdy enough to last years.

The price is truly lucrative: This is a point worth reiterating.

The Alpha iX Hybrid is one of the best bidets in the market and yet, it is also easy on your wallet.

The combination is truly crowd-pulling.

Click here to check out this fantastic bidet on Amazon.

What To Consider When Buying Bidets For A Round Toilet

When you buy a bidet for a round toilet, there are some extra points you must consider besides the usual ones that you keep in mind when buying a bidet.

These are as follows:

Opening Size – The opening of a round toilet is smaller in length than an elongated toilet by 1.5 to 2 inches.

On top of that, when you install a bidet seat on top of a toilet, it reduces the space by about half an inch more.

This means when you install a bidet on a round toilet, you are reducing the already small opening of the toilet.

Hence, it is important to measure the opening size of the bidet carefully and ensure that it would not be too small for any of the users.

Bidet Back Slope Height – If you have used or seen a bidet before, you will know that often, there is a slight slope in the back to provide space for the attachment.

In bidets that have this slope, it requires the user to sit slightly forward.

As a result, it reduces the accessible opening space for you even more.

Greater the slope, the more forward you must sit, and the less space you have.

But when choices are already less, finding a bidet with a lower slope can be difficult.

One-piece or Two-piece Toilet – One-piece toilets are those that incorporate the toilet bowl and the cistern in one body while two-piece toilets keep it separate.

Bidet seat attachments are easy to install on two-piece toilets because the cistern gives a wide enough berth.

But, it might come in the way of the bidet in a one-piece toilet.

Hence, if your toilet is one piece, make sure that the bidet you get will fit on it.

Essential Features – Because round toilet bidets are less available, it can be difficult to find a bidet that has all the features you are looking for.

Sometimes, you might find one, but it is out of your budget.

You must ensure that you make a balanced compromise between the two.

After all, you will be using the bidet for a long time and while the upfront cost is higher, the lifetime expenses are lower and the return on investment is immense.


A bidet is a valuable investment.

The right bidet can be your best friend for years.

But if you make the wrong choice, you will be losing out on your comfort and wasting a lot of money.

Therefore, the sane thing to do would be to do thorough research, not skimp on the number of catalogs you search, and not compromise on what you want when buying a bidet for a round toilet.

The list we have put here will hopefully be of help.


Do bidets work on round toilets?

Yes, they definitely do.

All you need is a buy and install a round bidet that fits your toilet.

Shopping for a round bidet is slightly more tricky than shopping for an elongated bidet because not all manufacturers offer both sizes.

But the bidets suggested in the article are all in round shape can easily fit any round toilet. So you can go for them.

Can you install a bidet on a round toilet?

There are bidets available that are specially made for round toilets.

So, you do not have to worry that just because your toilet is round, you will not be able to install a bidet on it.

Are there bidets available for round toilets?

Bidets for round toilets are manufactured less and harder to come by.

However, that does not mean they are not available.

Most major bidet companies make bidets for round toilets, albeit, fewer models.

Can you attach an elongated bidet on a round toilet?

Technically, it is possible to attach an elongated bidet to a round toilet.

However, this will result in the front part of the bidet jutting out.

This has two implications. First, there might be a gap between the inner edge of the front of your bidet and the outer edge of the front of your toilet.

This will make sitting on the toilet uncomfortable and in some cases, might even lead to your urine landing on the floor through the gap.

Second, the pressure on the front part of the bidet, which has no support underneath, may cause damage and breakage to the bidet.

How do I know if a bidet will fit my toilet?

The best way to ensure that your bidet fits your toilet is to do an actual fitting.

However, if that is somehow out of the question, you can measure the toilet width and length.

When you measure the length, make sure you start from the line joining the screw at the back because that is the standard used by bidet makers.

What is the difference between elongated and round bidets?

An elongated bidet is made for an elongated toilet which is an average of 19-20 inches in length.

Therefore, elongated bidet seats are usually 20.75 inches in length.

On the other hand, a round bidet is usually around 19.25 inches in length since it is made for round toilets which are around 18-19 inches in length.

Which is better: elongated or round bidet?

Elongated toilets have a larger opening size and provide more bowl space while round toilets leave more bathroom space free.

One should always use a round bidet for a round toilet and an elongated bidet for an elongated one. As such, there is no such competition between which bidet is better: it is about the right fit.

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